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Baby Bloomers

As you flip through the pages, the little girl, Lovey, is having a tea party, but has no friends to invite. The gardens potted flowers flip to become dolls. Lovey finds her imagination and discovers friends to invite to the tea party.

Baby Bloomers

Baby Bloomers is a collection of stories that examines plants and gardens, as well as friendship, diversity and inclusion.

Lovey Greene and the dolls share the garden with many other characters. Some good and some not so good, like the Dan de Leone family.

Lovey found her Maggie Nation and you can too!

Find your Maggie Nation and the
Baby Bloomers flower dolls, you'll flip over 'em!

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Flower Doll Violet $25.99

12-inch plush flower/doll

Flower Doll Rosa $25.99

12-inch plush flower/doll

Flower Doll Lily $25.99

12-inch plush flower/doll

Flower Doll Maggie Nation $25.99

12-inch plush flower/doll

Flower Doll Daphne $25.99

12-inch plush flower/doll

Baby Bloomers are 12-inch plush toys/dolls and they are the newest craze in the topsy-turvy world of collectibles. The fascinating story is the beginning of a friendship between a lovely four-year-old girl Lovey Greene and the Baby Bloomers.

The story is easy to read and is told through the perspective of Lovey Greene.


Diversity & Inclusion

Baby Bloomers teach young children, especially those attending preschool, on social aspects such as diversity and inclusion. Children will learn to accept everyone no matter their shape, size, color, etc.


Choose from any of the 5 characters. The colorful dolls make for a perfect gift. Give your children a chance to find their “maggienation” and the world of Baby Bloomers. Help them sharpen their imaginative and creative skills.

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