The Story of the Baby Bloomers

Baby Bloomers

A real-life event inspired the story of the Baby Bloomers.

Lovey Greene

Lovey Greene is a four-year-old that meets the Baby Bloomers in her backyard on the grounds of a garden/nursery, where her father works. Lovey and her family had to move to a new place because of a hurricane. Lovey's mom set up a tea party under a beautiful magnolia tree but had no friends or dolls to invite to the tea party. Lovey's mom used the potted plants as guests. This is where Lovey found her imagination and was introduced to her new friends, the Baby Bloomers.

Baby Bloomers
Baby Bloomers

Guests at the Tea Party

At first only potted flowers filled the chairs at Loveys' tea party.

Lovey’s Mom had encouraged her to find her imagination and to pretend the potted flowers were her guests.

That day Lovey found her “Maggie Nation” when a magnolia blossom fell onto her table.

One by one, the colorful potted flowers magically transformed into her guests and they are now best of friends.

Lovey and the Baby Bloomers had a toast, "Here’s to old friends, here’s to new friends, may we all be good friends."

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