An Original Baby Bloomer Drawing

Story Behind The Baby Bloomers

Buddy Wallace

Meet Buddy, the Creator behind Baby Bloomers and the Fantastic, Diversity of Baby Bloomer Dolls!

Buddy Wallace, creator of the Baby Bloomers, was born in Decatur, Alabama. He attended Austin High School and the University of Alabama. Upon graduation he moved to Los Angeles. Twenty years after moving to Los Angeles, he was influenced by several friends in the movie industry, and decided to become a screenwriter.

After visiting New Orleans during the aftermath of a major hurricane, he came up with the heart of the story for the Baby Bloomers. A little girl was interviewed and stated she didn't have a chance to get her dolls upon evacuation. He had the idea for the dolls some ten years earlier, but wanted to pursue a writing career, not become a doll manufacturer. Once he realized he could combine his love of gardening with his storytelling skills and the doll idea, the Baby Bloomers were born.

Buddy created Baby Bloomers dolls expanding upon the antebellum era topsy turvy dolls. Those dolls flipped between a black doll on one end and a white doll on the other end. Black slave children were forbidden to play with black dolls in the white masters' houses. These dolls, although inventive, were considered racist and exclusionary. Buddy created a toy that was a flower on one end and a doll on the other end. He hopes Baby Bloomers flower dolls will exhibit to children of all shapes, sizes and colors, a better understanding of our diverse world and the need to coexist. Like a garden, the Baby Bloomers world promotes harmony, love and understanding of all people of the world.

Buddy would like to thank everyone who helped bring this project to life. Friends, family, business associates and neighbors who contributed support and encouragement throughout this journey. A special thanks goes out to Gwen Snyder for showing me the imagination of a four year old girl, Jennifer Miller who brought my idea to life crafting the first prototypes, the wizardry of Andrew Yang, fashion doll designer and fashion illustrator for taking it to the next level of genius, and Jon Holland for being a mentor, advisor, confidant and friend through the whole arduous journey bringing Baby Bloomers to market.

Thanks for supporting Baby Bloomers. May you make new friends, cherish old friends and all become good friends and may you all find your Maggie Nation!

Baby'll flip over em!

Meet the Designer

The dolls, toys were designed by Andrew Yang. A prominent doll designer. The illustrations of the book were also by Andrew Yang. The dolls are patent pending. Toys must be flipped manually.

The toys are for child play without the assistance of a computer, batteries, etc. They are to inspire use of imagination and teach diversity and inclusion. The magic of the toy and story is the flip.

Andrew Yang